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Northeast maritime institute (NMI)

The Northeast Maritime Institute Foundation’s Camden County High School Mariner Scholarship is available annually to a graduating student from Camden County High School in North Carolina. This student will receive half their annual tuition ($11,000) paid for at the Northeast Maritime Institute’s College of Maritime Science.

The Associate in Applied Science in Nautical Science degree program at Northeast Maritime Institute’s College of Maritime Science provides a fast-track to a career in the maritime industry.  Dually approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and Commonwealth of Dominica Maritime Administration for professional licensing, the program provides the necessary nautical science knowledge with extensive opportunities for hands-on practical experiences using our training vessels, equipment and full bridge simulators. The program includes four residential semesters and two summer semester externships onboard vessels.  The externships provide real world experience and opportunities to build professional relationships in the industry, while accumulating sea time towards a maritime license. Graduates leave the program with 77 credits of coursework as well as completion of the required professional licensing examinations on campus.  Additionally, graduates leave with an extensive list of license endorsements and recognized training to easily navigate upward in the industry.  Northeast Maritime Institute provides a full range of career services, including license submission assistance and job placement assistance through its strong industry connections.

The maritime industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified mariners, so the time is right to start your journey to a rewarding career.