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Welcome to CCHS USCG JLP

Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty

Mission Statement

The Camden County USCG JLP joins the MAST Academy USCG JLP as the only two public school programs of their kind, sponsored by the United States Coast Guard. The program’s objective, under the direction of Maritime Science Instructors Captain Al Keith USCG (ret) and Master Chief Lyn Dupree USCG (ret), is to provide student cadets with instruction and experiences that will develop leadership, team work, personal responsibility, self confidence, and devotion to school, community, and country. Our cadets strive everyday to become better students and citizens. The cadets live by the Coast Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty in all their endeavors, are proud to serve their school and community, and to represent the great traditions of the U. S. Coast Guard.

Get Excited, Come and Join!


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    Recent News and Announcements

    Recent news and Announcements from the USCG JLP.  Read More

    Plan of the Week

    Week of 3 August 2020 Monday CSI 0800-1200: Battalion & Company Cadre Tuesday (August 4, Happy Birthday USCG!) CSI 0800-1200 Battalion & Company Cadre The USCG is 230 years old […]

    From the Master Chief

    awards.2020 Above is the Awards 2020 spreadsheet.  Find your name in the left column.  Scroll across the row with your name in it.  All of the boxes with “x” in […]

    Message from the Captain

    Below is the link to the JLP Awards Video 2020. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Rvp1AvkA1MHzJ5Jz9nltmD-2vpASrSog The 2020 Awards spreadsheet addressing ALL 2020 awards is on the website on the battalion information tab, cadet info, […]