Message from the CGJROTC Instructors

Have a great summer!

Interviews for Cadre have been scheduled. Interviews for the TOP 3 positions are scheduled for the 29th and 30th of July. All others will be conducted in person or via Google Meet prior to August 5th which is the start of Cadre Selection and Indoctrination (CSI).

CSI schedule: (Attendance is mandatory for cadre on all three days.)

Thursday August 5th, 0900 – 1500

Friday August 6th, 0900 -1500

Saturday August 7th, 0900 – 1500

August 7th is going to be our first small scale fundraiser for school year 2021-2022. We will have a car wash beginning at 0900 and closing at 1500. All basic cadets are encouraged to attend as you can earn community service hours towards your 20 hour requirement for the year.

Don’t forget, the new Cadet Field Manual has been published on our website and we will be issuing all new collar devices and longevity devices upon your return.

Also beginning this year, uniform inspections will be held from 0700-0800 on Wednesday’s mornings. You should expect to wear Tropical Blue Long Short Sleeve for half of the inspections and Operational Dress Uniforms for the other half.