Message from the Captain

Nice job on the Jordyn Lee benefit dinner ticket sales.  I believe the JLP raised in excess of $800 for this great cause!

The Deputy Battalion Commander, Miss Boose, will be distributing Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Fish Fry tickets this week.  This is the first of two BIG JLP fundraisers for the VVA and our Scholarship Fund! It’s very important that we do well in sales of these tickets.

Each cadet will be expected to sell two (2) tickets, and cadre will be role models and sell three (3) apiece.  I want to emphasize that we’re not asking you to knock on doors of people that you don’t know…we want you to sell these tickets to folks you know and trust so that you can keep your COVID risk LOW!

The cadet that sells the most tickets will get $50.  Second place will get $25.