Message from the Captain


Keep in mind that the corona virus situation is constantly changing, so the actions we must take are also fluid (subject to constant change).  Be patient, be flexible, and be diligent! READ THE PLAN OF THE WEEK REGULARLY!!!

All Ldrsp Labs 1-4 will complete weekly assignments found on CANVAS commencing 30 March.  Q3 Leadership Lab grades for CECHS cadets are completed.  I am finalizing Q3 Leadership Lab grades now for CCHS cadets, with the exception of community service hours.  CCHS students have until 31 March to complete 5 community service hours for the quarter (15 total for the year).  CCHS cadets are to have their parents communicate completion of community service hours to CAPT Keith or MCPO Dupree via email.

Commencing 31 March, Q4 Leadership Lab assignments for both schools will be listed by week, starting with “week 1” in CANVAS.  Cadets must read the assignment on Mondays and complete responses by Friday each week.

ACT/SAT classes will continue in the Triumph College Prep online application.

Current grades for all JLP related classes, including ACT/SAT will be recorded weekly in Canvas.  For Q4, Leadership Lab grades will be pass/fail = 100/0 percent.  The community service requirement for Q4 will be dropped (even if we come back to school before the end of the year).

Questions for students or parents? Email or call the JLP office during normal school hours at (252) 338-0114 extension 713 (CAPT) or 714 (MCPO).